Trying Out AP Xin Zhao


“Feels good to make things again!” – Bard
Hi I’m bacc, I think.

What would AP Xin Zhao do if he was in this game?
I bet he’d spear a _____ or two,
That’s what AP Xin would do.

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Not a Xin player for sure, only played him because Aatrox is no more, and 3-hit passive heals that have had a buffed AP Ratio? Sure, it isn’t the same but I’ll give it a go!
Not gonna lie though, I don’t think this is too good, hopefully next time we’ll get to see how it scales with this Everfrost into Q combo, it’s CC and you tank with heals but we all know how Season 11 Itemisation feels about healing.
In the end, we may end up going for a hybrid Xin Zhao build to reach the Aatrox dreams. I have ideas, but only ideas for now.
Feel free to let me know what you’ve been doing with the new Xin Zhao buffs!

EDIT: Holy f*ing sh*t AP Xin Zhao Top is the way, content soon, I promise you.

Hey, you read the description! Big PP energy to you!



Hail of Blades
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection

Revitalize (You can go for the tenacity one instead, it’s pretty important when needed).



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